17 April 2011

Late-night Round-up

Tuesday night I experienced my first deep-fried chocolate bar: a Snickers bar at the Astoria. Mostly it just tasted like a soft, warm Snickers with a bit of a crust. I will probably not get one again, but it was something that had to be done.

Wednesday: drinks at Keefer Bar. Prices are a little hefty, at around $10 a pop, but damn tasty. Pictured here is a Milk & Honey #8 -- Southern Comfort, Jack Daniels, pearl sake, almond milk and honey syrup. I also had a Keefer 75 -- Dragonfruit gin, lemon, lavender syrup and "bubbles," served in a Champagne glass rimmed with sugar that tasted like cotton candy.

Friday was fairly dinnerless: granola bars and Old Ruby Ale at practice and a pizza slice in a car. Old Ruby Ale was recommended by the Michelle that works at Brewery Creek; this Michelle recommends it as well.

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