30 April 2011


Monday -- kale chips! I'm on a vegetable roll since I made my "fruit resolution" back on April 11. Since then I have eaten:

nectarine • strawberries • grapes • lemon juice • avocado • broccoli • corn • shallots • banana • spinach • lime juice • onion • carrots • rutabaga • red pepper • tomatoes • cucumber • apple • pineapple • pear • tangerine • dried blueberries • radishes • spaghetti squash • leeks • bok choy • chard • shiitake mushrooms • watermelon • passionfruit • apricots • mandarins • kale

Maybe that sounds like a normal amount for two weeks' worth of fruits and vegetables, but for me I'd usually tend toward the same things over and over -- eg. apples, bananas, red peppers, tomatoes -- so it's felt pretty good to expand my list, and I plan to continue to do so.

Along with the increased fruit and vegetable consumption, I have been trying to do some form of exercise everyday. This has also got me out into nature a lot more, and I have had some great bird times. I watched this swan build a nest. I hung out with some ducks until I unintentionally filmed a duck porno. I fed a crow some of my banana peel and then watched him wipe his beak on a log.

While jogging the next day, I got much closer to another swan couple and their little green egg.

I also met this woman on one of my jogs, while she was photographing some herons' nests. She has an enormous camera, and her photos really get up close and personal with the birds. Here are the results of the day I ran into her. She gave me (who has had my camera pooed on before while standing under the herons' nests) some good advice for photographing the herons: look around on the ground for a spot that is not speckled with white -- that will likely be a safe spot to stand.

Anyway, on Monday I also made some quinoa tabouleh salad, a new ridiculously easy favourite from Mairlyn Smith's new cookbook, Healthy Starts Here. The salad is even featured in her cute little promotional video:


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