18 April 2011

Hastings Sunrise Meat Crawl

I managed to crash a meat crawl in East Van on Saturday night. I've learned a few things about cooking from having a "vegetarian" boyfriend. But happily I have a lot to learn from his carnivorous friends too. Each household made food from a different regional cuisine.

#1: Homemade sausage rolls: Chicken sausage mixed with apple and nutmeg and whatever else it was that made these incredibly delicious, wrapped in puff pastry.

#2: Southern pulled pork on homemade muffin-buns. A Martha Stewart recipe, in fact.

Note the moose sausage and mint julep in the distance.

#3: Lamb with curry sauce, Indian rice and papadums.

I had the privilege to witness this lamb being prepared earlier in the evening:

#4: Vietnamese meatball subs: so good.

#5: Peking Duck.

Just like I ate in Beijing!

Behold the carving of the duck:

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