06 April 2011

Eat St.

On Tuesday night I attended the world premiere of Eat St., a new Food Network series celebrating street food across North America.

The show launched hot on the heels of the exciting announcement about this summer's newcomers to the nascent street food scene in Vancouver.

The launch took place at District 319, which has a fancy theatre. JUST LOOK AT THESE SEATS. Fancy.

Some local street vendors catered the event...

...and the stars of the evening were these roasted corn tacos with papaya slaw, provided by Cartel Taco.

Thanks guys.

Anyway the show is pretty fun. The first episode took us behind the scenes of a gourmet grilled cheese truck in LA that made me want to travel to California for the macaroni melt alone, then it stopped in at curry and taco trucks in Austen, Texas, before winding up out east at a New York schnitzel wagon.

But more exciting than watching people make and eat great food on TV is the new (and free!) Eat St. iPhone app, which helps you find real-life street food in your very own neighbourhood! Unless of course you work in North Van, where the app informed me today that I'd have to cross a bridge and drive 20 minutes to get to the nearest truck.

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