30 April 2011

Earth Candy Farm

Some photos from our visit to Salt Spring's Earth Candy Farm!

Sonya checks out their wares.

Cute little watermelons in the bin...

And later in my belly, as a fresh, juicy breakfast.

Baby goose photo op time!



I saw my first ever turkeys in real life.

They are fascinating, ancient looking, alienlike creatures. They seem to wear their brains on the outsides of their heads.


Leaving an important message on the farm's message board.


Saying goodbye to the incredibly romantic and smiley farm dog.


More work in the greenhouse back at Neptune.

Shiitake mushrooms from Earth Candy Farm made an incredibly delicious dinner with only a few ingredients: olive oil, sun-dried tomatoes, rigatoni and nutritional yeast. I need to buy myself some of that nutritional yeast. Amazing!

Kicking back with a nice cool beverage after another day's hard work.

1 comment:

  1. GEE we liked the photos! Come back and visit us at Earth Candy!

    Striker the dog says WOOF
    The goats say BAHHHhh
    The turkeys say GLOOGLOOGLLOO
    The geese are all grown up!


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