26 February 2011

Whole Wheat Epis Loaf

Since I learned how to make epis bread in my first cooking class, it's been the only kind of bread I make. I like that it doesn't need to be sliced -- you just break off a piece and you have a nice little bun to make a sandwich with.

In my quest to save money I recently decided to start baking my own bread, which involved the purchase of a 10-kg bag of whole wheat flour. I bought whole wheat because I want the bread to be a little healthier, but I've also been warned that resulting bread can be overly dense and dry. And so I allowed this dough to be on the stickier side, and also probably underbaked it a little. Result: very dense buns... hmm. They still function in their basic role as bread, but, well it's not the best I've had by far. Just short of o-k.

Also on the menu tonight: leftovers. I have so many leftovers and not enough room in my belly to accommodate them all! This is definitely a first.

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