06 February 2011

French Bistro Classics #3

NWCAV French Bistro Classics Class #3! Brought to you by the Sud-Ouest of France.

Featuring... Lobster Bisque! The best part of this class. Finished with Armagnac. (Or Cognac. Or, brandy.) Topped with whipped cream. This is pretty easy to make, provided you have a bunch of raw crustacean shells hanging around. Evidently you can obtain lobster heads from Lobsterman on Granville Island for this purpose.

Next: Entrecôte Bordelaise with “pomme paille,” and root vegetables en papillotte.

I said that our steak looked like the U.S.A. I also did not do very well in Geography. The steak just as much, if not moreso, resembled the shape of an anteater.

Here we see my partner preparing the Bordelaise (made of Bordeaux wine, shallots and demi-glace).

Finally: Apple Galette. Mealy dough with crème pâtissière, sliced apples and an apricot glaze. This is my professor's galette.

This is mine, being finished with the apricot glaze.

Apple pizza! Mmhmmm.

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