26 February 2011

African Peanut Tofu Soup

Yesterday I made African Peanut Tofu Soup, vegetarianified from For The Love Of Soup's African Peanut Chicken Soup. It's got garlic, ginger, chili powder, onion, red pepper, corn, tomato juice, peanut butter, and sweet and baking potatoes in it. Topped with ground peanuts and green onions. Prep for this one took a lot more time than the other soups I've done from this book. But the resulting deliciousness is worth it.

Carla won episode 4 of Top Chef All-Stars with a vegetarian African Groundnut soup, which she put adzuki beans in... next time I try this I'm going to use some beans too. (...some internet research later...) Oh hey -- here is the actual recipe for Carla's soup! It looks very... complex.

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