27 January 2011

Trout Paupiette with salmon mousse and spinach velouté

Hey guys. I made the trout paupiette recipe from my French cooking class last night.

I don't own a food processor, so the salmon mousse and spinach velouté were made with my hand-held blender.

Trout: salted and peppered, shaped in a circle and wrapped in a strip of oiled notebook paper.

Salmon mousse: salmon, cream, lemon juice, red pepper brunoise. Stuff it in the centre of the trout, and dry poach in water and white wine (vermouth).

Spinach velouté: butter + flour roux, chopped shallot, reserved poaching liquid, spinach and cream. (Also tarragon, which I bought and then forgot to add.)

1 comment:

  1. I took the same course (NWCAV... though I doubt it was the same session as you)... and if I remember right, the dessert was "Iles Flottantes", no?

    My partner abandoned me before we began dessert-prep, and I (with MS and kinda crummy hand coordination) wound up whipping egg the whites by hand *and* all the rest. I was the last to leave that night... but I ate well. :-)


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