16 January 2011

Terracotta Modern Chinese

Ok, I found a contender for a new favourite restaurant. Terracotta ("Modern Chinese") in Gastown. It was discovered because of a Groupon. Even without the Groupon though, it would have been pretty cheap. (Though I guess I was getting used to $14 drinks at Corner Suite, so.) Their promotional video is definitely not geared towards me. The decor is all black. They play loud house music. All of that's ok, because everything is quite delicious.

An accidental video-photo of wok-simmered eggplant. Good enough to drink the extra sauce from your plate when no one's looking.

Buddha rolls: four kinds of mushrooms rolled in crispy bean curd.

Barbecue duck wraps with hoi sin, green onion and cucumber. Pretty close to the Peking duck I had in Beijing, one of my favourite things I ate when I was in China.

They only have one dessert there, and it is great. The "Tapioca Happy Ending," a cake of jiggly house-made baked tapioca, served with a vanilla sauce and green tea ice cream. A perfect accompaniment to the finishing off of a pitcher of R&B Pale Ale.

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