09 January 2011

Poutine; Five Guys; Cake; Gord-Lamb

Following an arduous afternoon of snowshoeing/laying about in the snow...

...we fueled up on poutine and Winter Ale.

And then we went to Five Guys to fuel up some more.

I heard Aaron exclaim "Peanut!" when we first walked in, and somehow I just assumed he was thinking about a certain tuxedo cat, but no, he was excited about the free peanuts.

A "little" cheeseburger.

A massacred little cheeseburger.

This salty chocolate cake at Gord's housewarming party later that evening deserves a mention for being so tasty.

Emily, of cake fame.

And thanks to Gord for letting me eat his lamb leftovers at 4 am.

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