21 January 2011

French Bistro Classics #1

I am back at cooking school! Taking a four-week course in French Bistro Classics at NWCAV. We are learning about the different regional cuisines of France, and which countries influenced those cuisines -- it's not all butter and cream. Tonight it was, though. So much delicious butter and cream. The menu came from the Rhône-Alpes region, starting with a Cantal cheese soufflé, followed by Trout Paupiette with salmon mousse and spinach velouté, and for dessert: Floating Islands.

Soufflé! I had to show it right out of the oven to show how it had risen. Because they fall so fast...

So simple and light and tasty. This was just very... nice.

I filleted my first fish, and I didn't not enjoy it. I thought I would feel bad sawing off an animal's head, but nope. It's just like a job you have to do, and you do it, and then in the end you have delicious food.

"Paupiette" means it's served rolled, and stuffed with a filling.

The trout is poached, filled with a salmon mousse, and served with a spinach velouté and pearl vegetables.

Because I only ate one fillet I got to take the other home with me, which is in the freezer now, awaiting paupietting next week.

Finally, Floating Islands. Poached meringues floating in crème Anglaise. Yes.

Yes yes yes.

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