08 December 2010

Seared Gary Tofu with Green Beans

My friend Gary went to SXSW in Austin, Texas this year and brought me back this BBQ sauce. I've been really wanting to use it but not feeling too carnivorous lately (despite the fact that I ate a cheeseburger for lunch today).

So tonight I used it on tofu, which I ate with green beans. Capers makes really delicious seared BBQ tofu but it costs about a thousand dollars per piece, so I'm happy I figured out how to make something a lot like it...

I seared the (extra firm) tofu pieces on each side in some grape seed oil and a bit of the sauce, then tossed them in more sauce and put them in the 200°F oven while I prepared the beans -- blanched; cool water-bathed; sautéed in butter and squeezed over with lemon juice.

By the way the sauce is REALLY GOOD. Thanks Gary!


  1. When you sear stuff on the stovetop do you do it on high or just on medium?

  2. It was medium-high. And let it get pretty hot before searing, so stuff is less likely to stick.


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