12 December 2010

Pizza Dream + Safeway Red Dragon Roll

Friday after work I was napping and having this great dream about delicious pizza. There were two kinds... one had something like green peppers, hot peppers?, Maybe mushrooms? and olives... first black but then maybe I changed them to green in the dream. There was also some kind of meat involved... and I think the other was a "Canadian" style which involves bacon and I forget what else... maybe onions. Maybe tomatoes? Oh, one of the pizzas had pineapple, too. I ate a slice in the dream but I was still starving at which point I awoke, pizzaless.

I did however have this dragon roll which I'd bought on the way home at Safeway, so I ate it. But it was kind of depressing and not too good. The night later improved with Doritos and red wine.

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