08 November 2010

Smoked Black Cod & Clam Stew

I had about a cup of marinara left over from last week's President's Choice pastas, so I looked through the Michelle-Meals marinara files and remembered the Mediterranean Fish Stew recipe from my cooking class last year. (Also made here and here.) The recipe is kind of a skeleton that you dress yourself, starting with a base of fennel, seafood of your choice, some spices, some kind of alcohol, some herbs and tomato sauce.

I started with a mirepoix of 1/4 onion, 1/2 fennel, 1/2 rib of celery and 1 shallot, and seasoned it with chili powder, fennel seeds, saffron and pepper. Deglazed with some vermouth, then I added half a small can of baby clams and a chopped up $4.75 piece of smoked black cod. I mixed in the marinara and some water to bring it to the right consistency, then let it simmer until the fish was cooked, and seasoned it with marjoram, dill and thyme, more pepper, red pepper flakes and finally some Frank's hot sauce.

I think it turned out ok. I'll probably know a bit better with the leftovers, once the flavours have come together. Every bite is so different. Some bites are better than others. Such as the ones with fennel and cod. Maybe it needs less herbs. Like no marjoram or thyme. It's pretty spicy. Maybe it didn't need that hot sauce after all. WHO AM I KIDDING. This is edible but not great.

Edit: The stew tastes much better as a 1 am snack.

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