29 November 2010


Our friends Duncan & Anna gave a slideshow presentation of their recent trip to China, capped off with a food feature in which we got to see every meal they ate.

Accompanying this was some delicious homemade Chinese food (I forget what the tofu and eggplant dishes were called, but both were very tasty), featuring Duncan's recreation of his favourite street food, a pork belly bun.

I have yet to even go through my photos from China from over a year ago now, but hopefully soon I'll be able to put together a little photo montage. The slides reminded me of, among other epic meals, both fond and ridiculous memories of the breakfast buffets at Beijing International Hotel.

Later... some salad, because looking at all that Chinese food really made me want to eat salad, and then a batch of President's Choice Porcini Mushroom Tortelloni.


Much much later... I sustained myself throughout a Fine Mist Public Domain LP release and subsequent rager with Cratz (courtesy of Janos) and PBR.

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  1. Thanks for coming, Michelle!

    Here's the recipe I used for the pork belly buns:


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