17 November 2010

Baby Arugula & Field Greens Salad

I found some cheap field greens and baby arugula today, which resulted in me eating three bowls of salad for dinner. Also in the salad: carrots, tomatoes, blue cheese, croutons, Simply Natural Organic Vinaigrette with Sundried Tomatoes, and black pepper. I still have a lot of arugula! What should I make with it?


  1. that is some mighty food styling

  2. Thanks! It was the best kind of food styling, where food gets styled by eating it.

    Also maybe I will try this next with the arugula: http://closetcooking.blogspot.com/2010/11/apple-and-cheddar-tart.html

    Mmmm apple cheddar tart.

  3. You and your tarts. :) How 'bout a wrap! Easy-peasy. So, you should make me a tart and I'll make you a wrap.


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