22 October 2010

Nutmeg Mushroom Potatoes

I was going to make potatoes & cottage cheese but then I forgot to buy the cottage cheese. So I fried up some shallots, green peppers, garlic and crimini mushrooms to go on top, and for seasoning I used Emily's recipe for Mushroom Shepherd's Pie as a guide, and added soy sauce, dijon mustard, Worchestershire sauce, nutmeg, rosemary and pepper to the mix. And then some vermouth. Finished with some grated Parmesan cheese. Not bad for recipe inventing/appropriating.


  1. I'm right now eating a Michelle Meals-inspired lunch of baby nugget potatoes with leftover chopped spinach, extra mushrooms from last night, red kidney beans, a clove of garlic, pepper, and cottage cheese. Served in an oversized coffee mug. Filling, cozy, easy, and comforting on a rainy day.

  2. Mmmmm those meals are the best when served in an oversized coffee mug.


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