02 October 2010

Meat & Microbrews

I spent the afternoon getting my kicks (read: getting lost) on Route 66, and learning how to use turnpikes. At some point I found myself at a Rib Crib (one of a chain of fast food steakhouses) just off the highway, where I ate this CribWich: hot links and brisket on a toasted bun.

The brisket was unexpectedly high quality. That lady in red came to my table to read a joke to me and show me a dancing and talking toy bull that her son gave her.

For dinner I walked over to Freddie's Bar-B-Que and Steak House, next door to the Super 8.

Because I'm about to spend a week photographing and eating smoked meat, I decided to take it easy and go with some fried catfish.

It was served with "tabouly", which seems to be their specialty, and was the most delicious tabbouleh I have had.

At Chad's suggestion I decided to check out some American microbrews. Here they are! I did not drink them all tonight. Just the Choc Basement Batch Pale Ale and Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA. Mmhmm.

Incidentally, motel hangers come in really handy when you find yourself alone with a handful of beers and no bottle opener.

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