30 August 2010

White Bean Spread; Carrot Fritters

I made a couple more recipes from Cooking from the Garden. The first was this White Bean & Herb Spread: white beans, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic, parsley, rosemary, celery, salt & pepper and red pepper flakes. I thought it was pretty good.

But then I made the Spicy Carrot Fritters. And they were. so. delicious.

The batter is made from one large red potato and 3 carrots, both grated, mixed with green onions, 3 eggs, whipping cream, flour, salt and red pepper flakes. It struck me once I'd begun mixing the batter how similar this meal is to Okonomiyaki, which I learned to make last week (and have yet to write a post about).

Spoonfuls of batter are fried in vegetable oil...

...until golden brown on both sides.

The recipe came with its own salsa subrecipe, but that would have meant chopping four additional vegetables. And so I went with the store-bought variety as an accompaniment.

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