25 August 2010

Corsican omelette; Greek salad

Inspired by Swannya and Nigella, and with a fridge full of mint leftover from this weekend's cocktail experimentation which I have yet to post about, I made this Corsican omelette:

I suppose it looks maybe a little on the overdone side, but one of the eggs smelled weird so I thought it better to overcook than undercook.

I sizzled the mint in some butter until it was bright green, and then poured in a couple beaten, salted and peppered (and faintly weird-smelling) eggs.

Then sprinkled with crumbled chèvre and cooked. Nigella talks about the salty sharpness of the cheese in the video, but I'm not sure that's what I was experiencing. Maybe I should have gone with some goat feta instead. Maybe something gets lost in the translation (accent to non-accent).

I used the rest of the cheese, which in this case would have also worked better had it been feta, on a Greek-ish salad.

Also, this happened.


  1. I like how the Michellemeals solution to a weird-smelling egg is just to cook it longer.

    Also, okonomiyaki photos: where are they.

  2. No weird-smelling food turned away! And okonomiyaki: probably Sunday. I'M BUSY!


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