31 July 2010

Salmon vs Salmon vs Salmon

Canned salmon test.

I was looking for the pinkest salmon. Pink Salmon turned out to not be pink, but appeared more beigey-grey. The Sockeye salmon was pretty pink, and Pacific Red seemed the most colourful, and just better looking in general. Incidentally, intensity of colour has a direct correlation with intensity of salmon flavour. You know, based on my test of three cans.

I now have a LOT of salmon salad to eat.

1 comment:

  1. Hi I just wanted to say thanks! I did a quick google search to find out if I could see the inside of these cans (all three are available at my local grocery). I also prefer pink salmon and am kinda picky eater sometimes, your post with those huge pictures gave me EXACTLY what I needed! Thanks :)


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