11 July 2010

Lone Dude Food: Tales from the Freezer

Guest post by Janos Sitar


Since my apartment was a complete mess I had to spend a good portion of a gorgeous, sweltering Saturday cleaning in preparation for hosting a world cup final brunch. However, in the spirit of cleaning things out I took a stroll through my frosted-over freezer to make myself dinner. Inside I found a partial bag of Europe's Best Mediterranean Diced Delight and some Turkey sausage that I had bought fresh at Capers ages ago when first getting back on the meat wagon.


I diced the sausage into bite-sized pieces and sautéd it with a generous helping of the frozen vegetables on medium-high heat. Once the zucchini started to brown, I poured in some roasted vegetable tomato sauce that had been in my cupboard for months now and let the sauce reduce. In the meantime, I sliced open the remainder of breakfast's French baguette from Terra Breads and set it toasting. I topped the sandwich with some sliced cheddar and popped open a Duvel before plunking myself down to the replay of the Germany vs. Uruguay thanks to CBC's sweet online coverage.


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