17 July 2010

The Diamond

Spencer night at The Diamond.

Elegant digs; metrosexual wait staff; adowable menu.

Everything I ate was very delicious. It was not necessarily so for my dining companions, who had such things as duck noodles and avocado salad. Conclusion: when at The Diamond, order crab. And/or something seafoody. Here are the things I ate:

• Betel leaf wraps with prawns, ginger, tobiko roe, kaffir lime and crushed peanuts

• Crab & corn soup with dill, coconut milk and lime

• Panko-crusted crab cakes with strawberries, mixed greens and lemon dijon yogurt

Also these drinks: a Marietta, a Pink Lady and a Jersey. We proceeded to Cascade for more cocktails, at which point the photos got progressively blurrier.

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