31 July 2010

Salmon vs Salmon vs Salmon

Canned salmon test.

I was looking for the pinkest salmon. Pink Salmon turned out to not be pink, but appeared more beigey-grey. The Sockeye salmon was pretty pink, and Pacific Red seemed the most colourful, and just better looking in general. Incidentally, intensity of colour has a direct correlation with intensity of salmon flavour. You know, based on my test of three cans.

I now have a LOT of salmon salad to eat.

Go Fish

Friday: Go Fish on Fisherman's Wharf. Red curry seafood chowder and a salmon tacone. Worth the line-up in the hot blazing sun.

29 July 2010

An Apple ++

Last night: same as Tuesday. Tonight: An apple. Also, regrettably, Sweet Chili Heat Doritos, as per Chris Martell's recommendation. They redeemed themselves however when Daniel played the chips bag as part of his drum solo.

27 July 2010

Leftovers Wrap

Leftovers wrap! Feat. roasted chicken, black beans, red & green peppers, yams & sweet potatoes, avocado, cheddar cheese, lime juice, cumin powder, cumin seeds and red mustard seeds.

26 July 2010

Cheeseburger Doritos

Woah, Cheeseburger Doritos. Unbelievably cheeseburgery. With every few chips, it felt like I had eaten another cheeseburger. I could easily have eaten several dozen cheeseburgers tonight. Several dozen sharp, crunchy cheeseburgers.

25 July 2010

Photo Food

I did a food photo shoot today and then ate the subjects. Apparently Peanut did too, evidenced by the tomato sauce I discovered on his nose.

24 July 2010

Sweet Potatoes vs Yams vs Sweet Yam Potatoes

Today I investigated the difference between sweet potatoes, yams, and sweet yam potatoes. My research was based on produce from No Frills, Safeway and a Denman Street greengrocer, respectively. Conclusion: sweet potatoes taste the best. Sweet, dense, potatoey (who knew) and rich in Umami. Yams are more squashlike, with a stringier texture, and not quite as sweet. Sweet yam potatoes have a sweet potato consistency, but an orange yam colour. Did you guys already know all of this? There is so much to learn about the world of root vegetables. Next up: parsnips vs turnips, feat. the rutebega...

Veggie Samosas

Tango's veggie samosas are so good, you don't feel bad that you just ate samosas for dinner. (Even if you had a hot dog for breakfast and a slice of pizza for lunch.)

22 July 2010

Curry Express

Curry Express: it's no Curry Point. But it IS food court butter chicken. OH IT IS.

21 July 2010

Goldie's II

Around 8pm I left the computer lab saying I was going to grab "a coffee," by which I really meant, "a slice of Goldie's pizza." Goldie's, located on Pizza (ie. Pender) Street downtown, is home to my favourite pizza in Vancouver, so I'm pretty excited to be working a block away from it this week.

Their cheese pizza, when it's fresh from the oven, is a truly beautiful thing. But since I ate a slice of that yesterday, I asked the cook what her favourite is, and she recommended the Italian. It did not disappoint.

20 July 2010


Goldie's Pizza. On Pizza Street.

19 July 2010

Spanakopita; Clif bar

It was a Pizzo pizza kind of night but I resisted with a spanakopita from Tango's next door, and this Clif bar.

Hot Dog Day

It was hot dog day at the track. We met some weiner dogs.

And I ate one.

17 July 2010

Frozen pizza! Salad! Lucky Charms!

Stayed in working all night with my good friend, frozen pizza. Also on the menu: salad and the last of the Lucky Charms.

The Diamond

Spencer night at The Diamond.

Elegant digs; metrosexual wait staff; adowable menu.

Everything I ate was very delicious. It was not necessarily so for my dining companions, who had such things as duck noodles and avocado salad. Conclusion: when at The Diamond, order crab. And/or something seafoody. Here are the things I ate:

• Betel leaf wraps with prawns, ginger, tobiko roe, kaffir lime and crushed peanuts

• Crab & corn soup with dill, coconut milk and lime

• Panko-crusted crab cakes with strawberries, mixed greens and lemon dijon yogurt

Also these drinks: a Marietta, a Pink Lady and a Jersey. We proceeded to Cascade for more cocktails, at which point the photos got progressively blurrier.

15 July 2010

Lucky Charms

Lucky Charms for dinner. Note the double rainbow up front.

14 July 2010

Sandwich! Salad! Drink!

Tomato and cream cheese sandwiches with field greens, Hawaiian red sea salt and pepper. And salad. Also we invented a new drink! More on that at a later date.

13 July 2010

Pizza Diet

So, I've been in Calgary for the Stampede. After a weekend of lamb neck terrine, pig's head mortadella, smoked pork croquettes, beef stew, prairie oysters, beef tenderloin steak, bison steak, rib-b-q sandwiches and more, I needed to go on a strict pizza diet.

Our last meal in Calgary was at Una Pizza Bar: sautéed broccolini, goat cheese and bacon-stuffed mushrooms, and a margherita pizza.

Tonight: a frozen pizza (McCain Rising Crust Crescendo Deluxe) that was only $3.99 -- cheaper than two slices of Pizzo pizza! Speaking of pizza diets, I just discovered this wonderful blog: Me, Myself & Pie.

11 July 2010

World Cup Final Brunch

Guest post by Janos Sitar

In honour of the Netherlands and Spain making it into the World Cup finals this year, we tried to choose foods from each nation as part of our brunch:

Chorizo Pamplona
Chorizo Castellano
Leerdammer cheese
Smoked Maasdam (or a type of Gouda? I can't remember)

which were all procured at Oyama Sausage Company on Granville Island.


Claudia made delicious potato pancakes that we ate with the chorizo, cheese, and some scrambled eggs.


Liz brought cinnamon buns and gluten-free banana bread that weren't representative of any country other than the one called awesome.


And finally, we finished the meal with mimosas made from Spanish sparkling wine that both Brendan and Ian coincidentally brought. I checked afterwards and apparently I opened the bottle incorrectly because I twisted the cork and not the bottle. And I definitely didn't cover the cork with a cloth because I'm that badass.


Since the weather has been scorching lately I made Irish coffee milkshakes, but neglected to take a picture since it was melting....meeeeltiiiing. However, I took the leftover coffee and made myself an iced latte that I drank while writing the previous post.


Irish Coffee Milkshake

Breyer's Vanilla Ice Cream
Cold coffee

I stirred together two packets of Starbuck's Via instant Italian Roast with 500ml of cold water and put it in the fridge for a couple of hours. In a 4L pyrex measuring bowl I put two-ish shots of Bailey's with a shot of Kahlua and about half the coffee. I then scooped in a little over a half a carton of ice cream and blended it with a hand mixer until it was an even consistency. I put the mixture in the freezer to let it settle, stirring once in about a half hour. It was still pretty runny when when I served it, so give it more than an hour if you want it to be more like ice cream than a beverage.

Photos by Richard and Janos.

Lone Dude Food: Tales from the Freezer

Guest post by Janos Sitar


Since my apartment was a complete mess I had to spend a good portion of a gorgeous, sweltering Saturday cleaning in preparation for hosting a world cup final brunch. However, in the spirit of cleaning things out I took a stroll through my frosted-over freezer to make myself dinner. Inside I found a partial bag of Europe's Best Mediterranean Diced Delight and some Turkey sausage that I had bought fresh at Capers ages ago when first getting back on the meat wagon.


I diced the sausage into bite-sized pieces and sautéd it with a generous helping of the frozen vegetables on medium-high heat. Once the zucchini started to brown, I poured in some roasted vegetable tomato sauce that had been in my cupboard for months now and let the sauce reduce. In the meantime, I sliced open the remainder of breakfast's French baguette from Terra Breads and set it toasting. I topped the sandwich with some sliced cheddar and popped open a Duvel before plunking myself down to the replay of the Germany vs. Uruguay thanks to CBC's sweet online coverage.


08 July 2010

Corner Suite Bistro

Birthday dinner at Corner Suite Bistro. Home of my favourite blue chairs in Vancouver.

A cheese plate being demolished.

Scallops. Amazing scallops.

Dinner was so good, I discovered Jesus on my butter knife.

I'm off to the Calgary Stampede today, so I've handed the reins over to Janos, who will turn this blog into Janos-Meals for the weekend.

Michelle-Meals: The Movie

Great news on my birthday! I found out today that my blog is being optioned for a Hollywood movie! See the trailer below:

Michelle-Meals: The Movie from Aaron Cumming on Vimeo.

07 July 2010

Three Dinners

Dinner #1: eggs, butter, milk, cheddar, salt and pepper; microwaved and eaten on an Italian bun.

Dinner #2: cold seafood platter at The Boathouse and Granville Island KILLER WHALE Honey Lager. (This dinner may or may not have taken place February 26 last year.)

Dinner #3: Jay's leftover pizza and leftover chocolate Qoola.

06 July 2010

Salad Day

Featuring All India leftovers.

All India

West Van birthday dinner courtesy of Sonya at All India; starting with Tandoori Paneer Shaslik. This was SOOO GOOOOD; probably the best Indian dish I've ever had. (Apologies for horrible cell phone photos. I really need to invest in a point and shoot.) Followed by Veggie Korma and Aloo Gobhi, with Mango Lassis. THANKS SONYA

04 July 2010

Darwin's Somewhat Believable Argument; Salad

I spent a fair amount of the weekend trying to perfect the right mix of banana liqueur, butter ripple schnapps and Irish cream to recreate a Darwin's Argument, my favourite Chill Winston drink. I was missing one ingredient -- vanilla vodka -- but managed to come fairly close, going heavy on the Banane du Brésil with just a splash of Baileys and schnapps. I'm still not sure how to stop the drink from curdling, though. Apart from mixing it as little as possible. Other than that, I was feeling uncreative in the kitchen and I just defaulted to this salad for dinner again. Also, we are about to go eat pizza.
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