02 June 2010

Qualicum cheese; Pizza; Meringue Tarts

My mom came back from Victoria and brought me this cheese, some of which I ate for dinner. And then I took her out for Pizzo pizza.

Later we made some meringue tarts.

Nothing like trying to whisk meringue by hand to make you realize that you really need an electric mixer. We did use an immersion blender to get it going, but it still took a loooong time. And a lot of muscle (mostly my mom's).

Nevertheless the meringues somehow managed to form into nestlike shapes. Enormous ones.

The meringue nests were topped with marmalade and strawberries. Recipe is here. It was supposed to be homemade kumquat marmalade but kumquats were nowhere to be found, so orange marmalade sufficed. It gives the dessert a nice bite.

1 comment:

  1. wow, i can't believe you made meringue by hand! For some reason I thought that whipping everything by spoon was the best when I was younger. I guess I had a lot of time, when I was just a teenager living at my mom's. Though I've heard that hand whipping makes the best shortbread.


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