09 June 2010

Coconut & Black Bean Soup; Sambuca

We made Coconut & Black Bean Soup again last night. The recipe is very finicky. I remember some of my coworkers making it and not being entirely sure they were pleased with the results. First of all, you have to use the regular, full fat-content coconut milk. Light coconut milk might be better for you, but is definitely less delicious.

Second of all, you probably shouldn't do Sambuca shots while making it. But if you must, make sure you put three coffee beans in each shot glass, and then light it on fire for several seconds.

We had a tiny bowl each and then set about working on the soup to improve it. We let it reduce a while longer on the stove; more tomato, red pepper, corn and lime juice was added, and we threw in some butter to cancel out the lightness of the coconut milk. In the end, deliciousness was achieved.

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