16 June 2010

Camping: Day Two

We started day two with a hike down to the river.

Where we observed some nature.

The five minute hike back was pretty strenuous, so it was time to eat. Friends showed up with bread, cheese, dip, wine and a baby. We ate all their food while staring at the baby, then went to the beach.

Afterwards we returned for more food: veggies and dip. The veggies were fine but even better was smothering a bag of Tandoori chips in the dip. Next up, an appetizer of two different cheeses, while we waited for our cheese fondue to heat.

I made a giant salad, but by the time it was ready, so was the fondue. So everyone forgot about it.

Including me.


Janos had materialized earlier and with him came the aforementioned cheese appetizers, Vancouver Island beer, Pinot Noir, and Oreos. So we decided to try making SmOreos: unscrewing them to make a toasted gourmet marshmallow cookie sandwich.

This was fairly successful. And messy.


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