16 June 2010

Camping: Day One

This view provided the backdrop for our culinary adventures in the woods last weekend. We arrived at the Golden Ears campground on Friday in time to put up our tents and get started with dinner.

Setareh provided a delicious homemade quinoa salad to start. Note the boxed wine in the background on the far left. It was the equivalent of 5 1/3 bottles of wine, for around $30. And it tasted not bad.

Mauve, who is a power-camper of sorts, came equipped with this fancy propane stove, to cook up our fusilli with four cheese sauce.

Our esteemed fellow campers draining the pasta in the woods.

Jesse brought these gourmet marshmallows -- strawberry and espresso flavours. I've always wondered what the point of gourmet marshmallows was, and now I know.

I love toasting marshmallows over the fire but even for those who don't, THESE ARE AMAZING. They taste a million times more delicious than regular toasted marshmallows.


  1. box of wine!
    ... it was okay.

  2. Looks like fun! My family and I always went camping at Golden Ears growing up. I love it there.

    Those gourmet marshmallows look amazing!!

  3. The gourmet marshmallows were amazing! I was about to say I don't think they are vegan, and do vegan marshmallows even exist? And then I found this blog dedicated solely to exactly that: http://veganmarshmallows.blogspot.com/


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