18 May 2010

The usual; herb garden update

Herb garden update: I basically have a forest of dill growing in this one little corner of my window box. Are they all going to kill each other? A couple more have started growing in the square next door.

Baby basil sprouts are also finally peaking out of the soil, and there's a second cilantro sprout hanging around in back. No sign of parsley yet.

As for what I had for dinner, you can probably guess, so I'm not even going to bother to say.


  1. Michelle!

    I have a ridiculous dinosaur sage plant that I need to split up sometime this season. if you want some holler sometime. Finally have my plot going over at Davie and Burrard.

    Hywel :)

  2. Hrmmm... the herbs aren't looking quite so good lately... I'll post another sad photo soon. I'd love to come see your garden sometime!


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