25 May 2010

Omelettes, Izakaya

Saturday morning I had the BEST OMELETTE OF MY LIFE at Paul's Omelettery on Granville. I had the special, featuring Montreal corned beef, bacon, tomatoes, onions, edam, cheddar and cream cheese.

For dinner we went to Toratatsu on Denman and ate pretty much the same thing we had last time: negitoro tuna tartare with avocado, green onions & garlic toast, Ishiyaki seared scallop, mushroom & seaweed risotto, and dragon rolls (smoked salmon and cream cheese with salmon caviar, topped with tobiko, seared at your table); also we consumed tiger prawn tempura with chili mayo, almonds and wonton crisps, silken coconut tofu for dessert, and a giant bamboo shoot (pictured beside my mom's head) filled with cold saké. It was a GOOD FOOD DAY.


  1. Double thumbs up, yo. Heart Toratatsu.

    I recall a very amusing blog post by someone dissing Paul's because they didn't realize that's how omelettes should be... but that's for another day.

  2. Usually I hate omelettes... in fact this is the only omelette I've ever liked. But didn't just like; L O V E D.


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