29 May 2010

Cambie Corridor Crawl

Here is what I consumed along the Cambie Corridor Crawl last night. I started at practice with some of Kevin's home-brewed bitter. (This means I unfortunately missed Claudia & Liz's ice cream sandwiches and Duncan's ribs.)

I got to Duncan's just in time to be handed this glass which was filled with tequila. Along the walk to Shena's, it was refilled with Lychee liqueur. (P.S. Duncan: I left the glass at Shena's.)

At Shena's house I drank a whisky sour.

I also ate a deviled egg and some pineapple upside-down cake.

All was delicious.

One of Al's beers at Jordie's.

Also some phyllo-wrapped interesting things, my favourite of which contained curried purple yams with pineapple.

Somehow we got to Parmida & Liv's, where there was punch, dip and hot dog-flavoured chips, but I forgot about food and just took photos of people dancing and hairspraying each other.

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