30 May 2010

Cashew Biryani Egg Noodles

Reorganizing my kitchen cupboards last week made me realize I have a lot to eat here. And so not wanting to leave the house tonight, I worked with what I had on hand and made some egg noodles with President's Choice Biryani sauce and red pepper flakes and cashews that I toasted with butter, salt & pepper.

Leftovers feat. Sidekicks

Last night I KIND OF cooked for the first time in a long time. Well, I made Sidekicks, anyway: Country mushroom, into which I mixed pieces of leftover asparagus, and ate with leftover raspberry pork. For an extra special fancy dessert: vanilla ice cream topped with Cinzano Orancio and chocolate chips.

29 May 2010

Cambie Corridor Crawl

Here is what I consumed along the Cambie Corridor Crawl last night. I started at practice with some of Kevin's home-brewed bitter. (This means I unfortunately missed Claudia & Liz's ice cream sandwiches and Duncan's ribs.)

I got to Duncan's just in time to be handed this glass which was filled with tequila. Along the walk to Shena's, it was refilled with Lychee liqueur. (P.S. Duncan: I left the glass at Shena's.)

At Shena's house I drank a whisky sour.

I also ate a deviled egg and some pineapple upside-down cake.

All was delicious.

One of Al's beers at Jordie's.

Also some phyllo-wrapped interesting things, my favourite of which contained curried purple yams with pineapple.

Somehow we got to Parmida & Liv's, where there was punch, dip and hot dog-flavoured chips, but I forgot about food and just took photos of people dancing and hairspraying each other.

28 May 2010

And, pizza.

Thursday night: My mom left for Victoria so I ate pizza for dinner. Also some leftover Legendary Noodles. Also a chocolate porter I found in my mysteriously clean microwave.

26 May 2010

Legendary Noodle(s) (House)

Intensive kitchen organization continued today. We moved things around to make room for my new family of Cuisinart pots and pans.

Eventually we took a break at Legendary Noodle. I would like to mention that there are two signs out front: one says Legendary Noodle in a Gothic sans serif. Underneath, wooden letters spell out Legendary Noodles. The title at the top of the browser on their website says Legendary Noodle House.

We ate a lot of food, starting with the Green Onion Pancake with peanut butter dipping sauce.

I ordered the Ground Pork & Black Bean Sauce with Minced Mushroom with thick noodles, but preferred my mom's Cumin Lamb Shanks with Dao Xiao Mian (chewy finely sliced noodles from a flour dough -- now that I've discovered Dao Xiao Mian I will never eat another kind of noodle here.)

We also had Chao Shou -- Lemon Chicken Dumplings in Spicy Peanut Sauce -- and Zhu Jiang beer.

Spring Cleaning, feat. IKEA Meatballs

Day Four of my momcation was spent reorganizing my kitchen, which included pulling all the food I own out of all my cupboards to see what I have. I have a lot of food.

Meanwhile, I ate Vij's leftovers...

...and Peanut kept watch from his new cupboard cave.

Also on this day, I finally ate my first IKEA Swedish meatballs. With a princess cake and an açaí berry smoothie. Their cafeteria food is somewhat representative of their merchandise -- different but not too different, in convenient shapes and tidy portions; seemingly cheap but when it all adds up not thaaat cheap; and the quality is O-K.


Monday night, we went to Vij's. I have wanted to go here for a long time and I wasn't disappointed.

We started with an appy platter of curried deviled eggs (the spices are so fresh!), bell pepper fritters with spiced yogurt (so thick and juicy they were almost meatlike) and baked jackfruit (which was like a cross between pineapple and artichokes). I would definitely eat this again. Right. Now. We also shared garam masala sautéed portobello mushrooms in porcini cream curry, and then I had the beef tenderloin with ginger, onion & date chutney on mung bean and sesame rice pilaf with ground fennel curry. I was pretty much full at this point from the appetizers, but this was also really exceptionally good.

25 May 2010

Raspberry Pork; Asparagus; Cake

Sunday night we made the raspberry pork with asparagus from Ricardo's Weekend Cooking.

I taught my mom how to dice an onion, and here she demonstrates how to remove the ends of asparagus.

Dessert: takeout cake from True Confections.

Omelettes, Izakaya

Saturday morning I had the BEST OMELETTE OF MY LIFE at Paul's Omelettery on Granville. I had the special, featuring Montreal corned beef, bacon, tomatoes, onions, edam, cheddar and cream cheese.

For dinner we went to Toratatsu on Denman and ate pretty much the same thing we had last time: negitoro tuna tartare with avocado, green onions & garlic toast, Ishiyaki seared scallop, mushroom & seaweed risotto, and dragon rolls (smoked salmon and cream cheese with salmon caviar, topped with tobiko, seared at your table); also we consumed tiger prawn tempura with chili mayo, almonds and wonton crisps, silken coconut tofu for dessert, and a giant bamboo shoot (pictured beside my mom's head) filled with cold saké. It was a GOOD FOOD DAY.

22 May 2010

Evil Chicken Fingers

Thank God this bag of frozen chicken fingers is almost done.

Pizza, ok?

At a bus stop. I've been really busy.

Samosa; depressing chicken fingers

I just noticed that the last post was my 666th post. Just saying. Some time on Wednesday I ate this shadowy samosa from Tango's. I also ate chicken fingers later but I find them too depressing to photograph.

21 May 2010

Still eating

but too busy to post. Updates to come tomorrow....

18 May 2010

The usual; herb garden update

Herb garden update: I basically have a forest of dill growing in this one little corner of my window box. Are they all going to kill each other? A couple more have started growing in the square next door.

Baby basil sprouts are also finally peaking out of the soil, and there's a second cilantro sprout hanging around in back. No sign of parsley yet.

As for what I had for dinner, you can probably guess, so I'm not even going to bother to say.

Pizzo Pizza

Another night, another pizza slice.

16 May 2010


I had so many leftover desserts and baked goods from a photo shoot that I couldn't bear to see them go to waste, and ate them all for dinner. Also, Jay left half of this Black Tree Dark Ale in my fridge, so I helped him out by finishing it, rather than let him drink flat beer the next time he comes over.

Viet Sub

Saturday night I ate this Vietnamese meatball sub and really enjoyed it, even after seeing the cook drop the bread knife on the floor and pick it up and put it back on the counter.

14 May 2010

Left leftovers

Herb garden update: Baby dill sprouts in my garden! (See bottom left corner.) Ummm are there too many? I don't know much (anything) about planting seeds, and dill seeds are so tiny it seemed wrong to just use one, so I planted a pinch of seeds (maybe 6–8) in each box. Hopefully I didn't overdo it... Hrmmm.

Jay left his Legendary Noodles in my fridge and tonight I ate them. Sorry, Jay. I'm sorry you had to find out this way.

13 May 2010

Dessert first

Apple crisp for dinner and then a potato pizza slice from Uncle Fatih's on Denman.

Legendary Noodle

Herb garden update: the first cilantro sprout!

Dinner was at Legendary Noodle on Denman: fried pea shoots with garlic and Tibetan lamb shank with stir-fried thick noodles.

12 May 2010

Tacos with Beckett

I cheated on Peanut with another tuxedo cat for dinner tonight.

We ate black bean, avocado and banana pepper tacos with green salsa.

11 May 2010

Chicken Fingers; Baboo Lychee

Chicken fingers for dinner again. Also this miniature drink that I bought in China.

09 May 2010

Last day on the set

You know it's going to be a good day when it starts with lamb and mango stew for breakfast.

I basically ate all day long at the photo shoot.

Including some of Tracey's impromptu birthday cake.

Also Anoop made me this baby roti.
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