10 April 2010

Raw Food Cleanse: Day Six

Last night we went to Radha for dinner. It's a vegan restaurant (and yoga studio) but they always serve at least one raw meal, which changes daily. Yesterday it was raw tacos -- some kind of nut pâté with cilantro, onions and tomatoes, guacamole and sunflower "sour cream". I'm not entirely sure what the tortilla was made of, but there seemed to be sesame seeds, flax seeds and grated carrot in there.

For dessert: raw lemon cashew cheesecake with a coconut, sunflower and pumpkin seed crust, topped with blueberry sorbet. I thought this was incredibly delicious, though my dining companions thought it was just ok. I think this means the change has happened -- I've been off refined sugar long enough to appreciate the sweetness of natural sugars.

Bonus: they had organic wine, which is also raw! Later in the night though, I cheated anyway, because someone offered to make me a Negroni (you can't say no to that). Later still, I drank a Heineken.

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