12 April 2010

Raw Food Cleanse: Day Seven

For dinner tonight I ate an avocado with Gorilla Food ginger chili nut crackers, and finally finished off the Kale & Avocado Massage Salad.

I also made another green smoothie from the list; this time it was TERRIBLE.

Recipe #1
2-3 cups of greens of your choice
2 cups papaya
2 oranges
No water necessary

I used Romaine lettuce and spinach for the greens, and though there wasn't much Romaine it seemed to overpower everything. I added one mango, two bananas, half a lemon and a cup of water, until it finally became drinkable. But I didn't actually drink it because I wasn't hungry; just stocking up for work tomorrow.

I also made Raw Oatmeal with Date & Prune Puree, but only ate a few bites and saved the rest for breakfast. I keep on worrying I won't have enough food and then end up eating far less than I expected. Raw food is really filling.

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