09 April 2010

Raw Food Cleanse: Day Five

Breakfast: Green Smoothie #5; grapes

Lunch: Kale & Avocado Massage Salad (I made a LOT)

Snaaaacks: Gorilla Food crackers; grape tomatoes; granola crunch; dates (speaking of which, a recipe from The Complete Book of Raw Food that sounded too easy to be delicious):

Raw Candy
Stick an almond inside a date. Eat it.

Dates are the most chocolatey non-chocolate I have eaten. Raw Candy is nature's chocolate-covered almond.

For dinner I had yet more Kale & Avocade Massage Salad (I reeeeeally made a lot) and then I made another green smoothie:

Recipe #9
3 bananas
a cup of papaya
4 big handfuls of baby spinach
2 cups of water

It is alright, a fairly neutral-tasting bananaey smoothie. (I think I may have accidentally put 4 bananas in.)

I am really liking that I can add lettuce and spinach to smoothies and it doesn't make them taste weird; the fruits are still the dominant flavour.

I also made halvah:

Carob Marble Halvah
1 cup sesame seeds
2 Tbsp Honey
1 Tbsp Raw Carob Powder

The recipe said you can substitute raw tahini, but a 2-cup jar at Capers was $16! So I ground my own seeds in a coffee grinder. This was fairly messy and they weren't all entirely ground, but it was good enough for my first halvah try.

2 Tbsp is maybe a bit too much honey. It could probably use more carob powder. And I added a bit of water, which was in the end maybe a bad idea, as it doesn't fully harden. Next time I'll just try grinding the seeds longer to form more of a paste.

I really wasn't that hungry at this point, but I'd been planning on making stuffed peppers for dinner so I went ahead and did it, using this recipe. It was o-k. The peppers are stuffed with cashews, carrots, celery, raisins, olive oil, lemon juice and garlic. Oops, I just noticed there's salt in the recipe -- I forgot to add the salt. I ground all of this into a pâté in my blender. At which point I finally understood the difference between a blender and a food processor. My blender wanted to turn the filling into a drink. It was a long and arduous process but I managed to come out with some decent pâté.

I didn't love this meal, probably because of the raisins -- I'm not a huge raisin fan. Next time maybe I will substitute dried cranberries. ALSO. I only used two cloves of garlic and it is SO GARLICKY. Raw garlic, it turns out, is much more potent than cooked.

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  1. I also am doing the Raw Food Cleanse.. only on day 3 but not a big fan! I do feel great, but I could not do it for life. At least you have some great recipes!


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