10 March 2010

Show & Tell: Kale & Avocado Massage Salad;
Beer Fruit Salad

My friend Amy from Toronto uploaded this photo to her Facebook last week after trying the Kale & Avocado salad recipe made famous by Michelle-Meals. Ok, maybe it's been made a bit more famous by Karen Knowler.

Less than a week later, Jackie sent me these photos of her own kale & avocado salad.

Jackie's notes:
Super lemony and enough to bring to work for lunch for the week. I used a whole lemon instead of half, so it's more citrusy than it probably is usually, and I omitted the green onions. I also used the whole can of chickpeas. Delicious.

Wow, that's a lot of chickpeas! Jackie has been sick, so hopefully this made her feel a bit better. Thanks for sending those to me, friends! And thank you for inspiring my dinner tonight too: I made the same salad.

The bunches of kale at the market were pretty small, so I used two this time, with THREE avocados. I also threw in a bunch of spinach and broccoli slaw to get rid of some leftover veggies in fridge. It seems you can add any raw vegetable and it will still complement the salad, as long as it's finely chopped.

I forgot about green onions, but I didn't miss them. I used one whole lemon, and a handful of strawberry tomatoes.

What really matters in this salad is
• kale (stalks removed! and finely chopped)
• olive oil, salt and lemon juice
• avocado
• that all these ingredients are massaged into the kale

Starting with that base, you can invent any number of variations.

For dessert I made a fruit salad, using a bag of peaches and nectarines bought for a dollar, mixed with brown sugar, cinnamon and Jacobsen Saaz Blonde beer.

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