01 March 2010

Olympics: The End

On Sunday I watched the men's gold medal hockey game in a zigzag across False Creek. I started out at Place de la francophonie, and then took the Aqua Bus across the water to Yaletown for the second period.

Things were going well, we were at 2-0...

And then the giant TV broke! I caught the rest on the big screen outside of Maison du Québec, and then headed to Sochi (Russia) House to see about the potential existence of perogies.

Russia offered no food to the public. I see how it is, Russia. But they did have some lovely singing and dancing to soothe the anxious hearts of the Canadians in the house after the US tied the score with seconds remaining on the clock.

I returned to the outdoor screen for overtime. Here is a picture of a boy to illustrate Canada's win. It was a pretty great moment to be a Canadian in a giant crowd of Canadians. It was also definitely time to eat.

I headed to the Asian food stalls back by the Plaza of Nations, where this guy from Maurya served me a butter chicken combo with a pretty delicious samosa.

Which I ate in short sleeves in the sunshine watching the players receive their medals on the fixed Plaza of Nations screen. At this point I thought it would be a great idea to take my leftovers and walk home via Granville and Robson. That wasn't exactly the plan, but I basically got swept up in the crowd and that is where they took me.

Celebrating in Yaletown.


Lots of climbing on things.

Umm. I seriously thought this guy was going to fall to his death. That top pole was really shaky. I am still afraid, looking at this.

I got stuck for a while and was almost crushed a few times, but eventually made it to the steps of the art gallery where I could breathe again, and sat and ate my leftovers.

I napped through the closing ceremonies, then went over to the Saxony House for dinner. I was really excited for a last chance to eat Bacon Bemmchen. But they were all out! Boo.

I did, however, finally have the chance to compare their sauerkraut to my dad's. Conclusion: Czech sauerkraut is superior. I believe the secret ingredient is sugar. I couldn't finish the pork so I slipped it and the bun into my purse for later. For "fourth meal". But I ate the drobenka-sprinkled apple pie, which I bought also to compare to my dad's bublanina kolache. Result: Czech baking gets the gold.

"Legacy Hunter" closed the celebration for me. Actually, pork on a bun in bed really closed the day right.


  1. Amazing photos as always, Michelle. I love that little boy on dad's shoulders.

  2. I always keep pork in my purse just in case!


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