02 March 2010

Cookbookyssey #6b: Grazing

Grazing: A Healthier Approach to Snacks and Finger Foods
by Julie Van Rosendaal
© 2005 Whitecap Books

Chicken, Black Bean & Mushroom Quesadillas

Ok, here is another recipe from Grazing. I wanted to try making the samosas with phyllo dough, but let's face it, I am way too lazy this week to take that on. Plus I wanted to use up these flour tortillas from last week's burritos, so, quesadillas it was. Is. Lots of leftovers. I can only eat so many cheesy triangles.

Filling: onions, garlic, black beans, mushrooms, cooked chicken (leftovers from a lunchtime Save-On rotisserie chicken), ground cumin. These are good. They taste pretty classic, as far as quesadillas go. Next time I make them though, I won't bother with the chicken.

Quesadillas vs Burritos: Same basic food stuffs, different shape. More tortilla. More cheese. Messier.

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