16 February 2010

Olympic Houses Fail

Pre-yoga: PIZZO PIZZA SLICE. Post-yoga: We let loose in the convenience store and emerged with chocolate coconut granola bars, Smart Food popcorn, a Matcha Green Tea Chocolate Truffle bar, and Dan•D•Pak Crunchy Peanut Snax Mix, all of which fueled our wandering around the downtown amusement park that is The Olympics. Also we drank cups of hot chocolate handed to us on the street by a random stranger in Yaletown.

P.S. We tried to go to the Slovakia Pavillion, but it costs $115 to get in. This covers all you can eat AND all you can drink plus some live music. But is also $115. The Irish House was ridiculous: imagine all the people you see at 3am on a Granville Saturday night all gathered together in one long, hooting line-up. We never did find La Maison du Québec, and waded through the crowd at LiveCity Yaletown shortly before the barricades gave way and a lady broke her leg.

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