10 February 2010

The Corner Suite Bistro De Luxe

Last night we ate at the newly opened Corner Suite Bistro De Luxe -- chef Anthony Sedlak's new restaurant on Thurlow south of Robson that features a raised bar and cute aqua seafoam chairs, and is periodically dappled with swirling red and white fire engine lights from the busy fire department across the street.

We drive by the restaurant on our way home from work every day, so we've been anticipating its opening for a while now as we watched it progress through various stages of construction. Onto the food...

Complementary Gruyère puff pastries to start. A nice touch, and these are essential to your endurance because it takes a looooooooooong time to peruse the very thorough drinks menu, The Genuine Article -- a sort of mini bible of cocktails.

After prolonged deliberation, I settled on a Los Angeles, and was not disappointed. Rye, lemon, sugar, Cinzano Rosso, maraschino and egg white. We were served bread with olive butter while we drank and waited for our meals.

I had a small bowl of seafood chowder. It was very good.

Next up was a crispy pig’s ear, served on sweetbreads and a bed of kale with onion soubise and shallot & parsley sauce. I most definitely did not know what sweetbreads were until now. This course was incredibly rich but a really good mix of flavours.

The menu features a daily special called the twenty four seven, which is a three-course meal for $24.07. While I didn't have that, I did manage to get them to serve me the twenty four seven dessert of the day, a white chocolate crème brûlée.

Finally, I had to order a cappuccino, because it was made by the province’s only Venus Century 100-Year Anniversary espresso machine -- one of only 100 that exist in the whole world. (The Pope also owns one.) It tasted Pope-worthy, I guess?

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