23 February 2010

Coeur de Québec

I finally got out to la Maison du Québec on Sunday night, located in a little pavillion city around the corner from Science World (aka Sochi [Russia] House), where you can also find the Ontario and Saskatchewan pavillions.

Both of these had line-ups, but there was no line for Québec, as everyone was sitting out in front of it watching the Canada/US hockey game. I arrived just in time to see the Americans break the tie with their third goal of the night.

But even in the face of impending doom, fans still got excited when another goal was scored for Canada, culminating in a few rounds of The Wave. It's impossible not to get caught up in the fanfare when you're standing in the middle of an Olympic house.

The food at la Maison was, in a word, disappointing. I ordered tourtière -- a mere steak pie, according to the Québecois folks that I shared a table with, and not the Real Thing. They ran out of salade de betteraves marinées, and instead gave me a simple garden salad. And I ordered a cider but I'm pretty sure that was ice wine they gave me. That, or I definitely do not recommend Québecois cider.

But the people and the entertainment made up for it. Canada's defeat was immediately atoned for by an intimate concert featuring Québec's Coeur de Pirate.

I'd also been disappointed to not find the poutine, tire d'érable or (especially) maple cotton candy that other food blogs had promised from the Québec House. So on the way home I sought out a bag of regular cotton candy among the many vendors parked in between the casino and the Plaza of Nations, and ate it while walking home alongside The Flash, who was competing in his own made-up sports such as Parking-Meter Hurdles and Running-Between-Pylons.

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