24 January 2010

Cookbookyssey #2: The Seasoned Vegetarian

The Seasoned Vegetarian
by Simon Rimmer
© 2009 Mitchell Beazley

I love that Simon Rimmer is a vegetarian chef and yet not actually a vegetarian. It makes this book all the more perfect for me, a lover of both cute animals and delicious meat. Under Simon's tutelage, I can live a little more of the vegetarian lifestyle, but not feel guilty when I choose to dine on deep-fried chicken skin at the local izakaya.

It was tough to choose just one recipe this time -- so many look so good! I will have to come back to this book when my, uh... two years are up. Or maybe I'll just cheat and do more. Among the most intriguing: Sweet Figs on Toast, White Gazpacho, Peppered Mushroom & Stilton Pie, Vegan Lancashire Hot-pot, and Raisin, Pistachio & Honey Cheesecake... to name several. I decided to go with an herbed frittata, because it looked pretty easy, and I've never made frittata before.

Dill & Basil Frittata with Roasted Peppers

The deliciousness factor of this meal is the layering of roasted red peppers between slices of frittata.

These are easy to make, and while most directions say to let the charred peppers steam in a plastic baggie (which I likely would've then thrown away), I tried a tupperware container this time and it worked great.

So, the frittata is eggs, cream, and extra-old white cheddar, salted and peppered and herbed with fresh basil and dill.

We used about 3 times more basil and dill than the recipe called for, and it seemed like the perfect amount.

Cooked on the stovetop for about four minutes until almost set, and then finished off in the grill for about a minute. Sliced up, layered with roasted peppers, and topped with shredded Parmesan and a drizzle of olive oil.

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