26 December 2009

Trinidadian Rum Punch

I have a lot of leftovers in the fridge to work my way through. I had the weird chickpea curry thing for lunch and more spinach linguine marinara for dinner. But here's a recipe for the drinks I had later, handed down from my mom (I THINK I got this right...?). This is one of my favourite drinks from my childhood. I mean, my childhood since I was old enough to drink. I was a late bloomer.

Trinidadian Rum Punch
rum (Barbados Mount Gay Rum was as Trinidadian as I could find)
orange juice
bitters (several splashes/to taste)
ground nutmeg (sprinkled on top)

This should be served on the rocks, if you are the kind of person who maintains a population of ice cubes in your freezer.


  1. Also included should be lime juice and sugar syrup to taste. Grandpa is the one who started the tradition of adding orange juice. The Best!!!!

  2. This looks great. Happy Christmas Michellette!

  3. Thanks mom and Jackie! Love you both.


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