29 December 2009

Homemade Epis Bread & Lamb Stew

I made up for yesterday's laziness by baking some bread today. Here it is pre-baking.

And, post-baking.

Also, I made lamb stew.

I'm pretty excited to start tearing up my Women's Weekly STEW: Braises & Casseroles in the new year, but before I start I wanted to tackle the recipe I learned in my cooking class last summer.

I used some really cheap spring lamb shoulder chops, on sale twice over. Seasoned with salt and pepper, then braised. Mushrooms were sautéed in the braising pan, and then it was deglazed with red wine.

In the pot: onions, browned; and then carrots, turnip, mixed yellow, red and blue mini potatoes, and garlic.

Some flour and tomato paste were mixed in with the veggies, followed by the wine and some chicken stock to cover. The bouquet garni consisted of bay leaves, rosemary, thyme, parsley and orange peel.

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