02 December 2009

Darchin Restaurant

Setareh texted her advice regarding tonight's visit to Darchin:

Barg is my favourite. It is more like steak. Koobideh is ground which is good too. I recommend barg :)

I ordered the Barg kebab. My dining companion ordered the Kubideh. Setareh's recommendation proved the best.

The Kubideh, as my friend remarked, was "just like the Barg, except pre-chewed."

I also had a Sharbat-E-Sekanjebin to drink: "Sekanjebin syrup (white wine vinegar, mint and sugar), grinded cucumber and lime." It was kind of like a non-alcoholic mojito with cucumber. I would probably not drink this on its own, but it was a nice complement to the kebab.

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