13 December 2009

Bake-a-thon Fail

We had a late start to our all-day bake-a-thon, partly due to eating all of the following foods . . .

I made Sonya try her first smoked oysters.

Sautéed in garlic and butter.

. . . so, she ate one, and I ate the rest.

The customary annual watching of Love Actually was done, with some cold chocolate soup (failed chocolate pudding).

This is how we bake in 2009.

. . . and the resulting gingerbread-person orgy.


  1. This is my favourite blog post. The Concentration Face paid off.

  2. I love the all-girl cookie party. That needs to be trademarked or something.

  3. You know we baked gingerbread cookies at my house that night.


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