15 November 2009

Spaghetti dogs

by Claudia

I can't believe Michelle is actually letting me update her blog while she's in China. For all she knows I will fill it with pictures of beagles.


Our friend Megan was farm-sitting in Langley, so we joined her there to hang out with horses and make dinner. But instead of making something actually good, we made spaghetti dogs.

To make a spaghetti dog, you can either poke uncooked spaghetti through a whole hot dog, like this:

Or cut the hot dog up and thread spaghetti through each chunk:

Either way, you get something that looks revolting and tastes only marginally better.

I recommend eating it in a bun slathered in garlic butter. (This recommendation goes for most foods.)

Salad by Rich, fries by Megan

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