13 November 2009

Peanut vs Pizza Pops

Comfort food for dinner was anything but comfortable, as I had to keep fighting someone off in order to enjoy my Pizza Pops.

Pizza Pops! My last meal in Canada -- I'm leaving for China tomorrow morning. While I am away, I have handed over the blogging reins to a couple friends, so I can see all the fun stuff I was missing while eating century eggs and skewered insects in Beijing.


  1. Oops, Pizza POPs. Yes.

    Also late last night: I ate on PIZZA STREET! At Goldie's. They have a walk-up window AND a bar inside featuring a slice & a beer deal for $7. Delicious thin crust whole wheat pizza. PIZZZZAAAAA.

    Now I am making coffee because I HAVEN'T PACKED YET!


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