23 November 2009

The Nick Frenette Commemorative Sandwich

In June I visited my friends Nick Frenette and Catherine Lofts who have been living in London since 2008. In the mornings Nick and I would wander about his neighbourhood in pursuit of coffee or go for swims with his friend Kent Hugo. On one of those mornings Nick introduced me to the Ploughman's sandwich which I instantly fell in love with. Fast forward to last week when Richard found a jar of Branston Pickle while out shopping at Whole Foods and on a rainy Saturday afternoon we set about making sandwiches. Pickle is the main condiment of the sandwich and what really sets it apart from an ordinary cheese sandwich.

Branston Pickle

I bought a loaf of sourdough from Terra Breads and cut it into thick slices. I couldn't remember what cheese they used in England and forgot to check the Internet, so I got cheddar and goat cheese.

We made cheddar sandwiches first and then took some of the smaller pieces of bread and spread the pickle and goat cheese on them to see what the mix was like. I preferred the goat cheese to the cheddar, but the cheddar was definitely good.

To fill out the Englishness of the meal, Rich made tea and we ate candied ginger. Yay! Michelle's back and I'm glad to hear that she had fun in China and is eating pizza again. It's been fun posting for Michelle Meals and I now have to pay attention to my blog again: neoplasticutopia.com

Photos by Janos & Richard


  1. Oh man that sandwich looks good. I can't wait to eat with you guys again!

  2. You're back! Sandwiches for all!

  3. Hey, sweet entry! You're making me crave ploughman's right now...



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